Why Protest Bank of America?

john-pisciotta-bank-of-america-planned-parenthood.jpgPrior to the release this summer of the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress depicting Planned Parenthood employees engaging in harvesting and selling baby body parts, many people would have seen abortion and the services that abortion clinics provide as helping women, even if they saw abortion as a necessary evil.  

But the videos lifted the veil on how the abortion industry works and we now know that abortion clinics manipulate women and change the types of abortion procedures used, not for the health and safety of the woman, but in order to harvest the body parts that are going to be sold.  

The Texas Pro-Life Action Team hosted several rallies towards the end of summer in in conjunction with a national campaign in which hundreds of people attended, many of them new to the pro-life movement.  There is an increased interest in doing something about Planned Parenthood.  

Towards that end, Congress and numerous State Legislatures have looked at ways to cut off Planned Parenthood from the government spigot.  Some of these efforts  have been successful and in cutting off their government funding, Planned Parenthood would suffer.  But they would not be finished.

Cutting off government funding would not stop Planned Parenthood.  We know this because despite the fact that Texas has practically zeroed out Planned Parenthood from the state budget, they continue to increase their services and build more clinics.  They recently opened a new abortion mill in Dallas and Fort Worth.  They are building one in San Antonio.  

Over 30% of Planned Parenthood's budget comes from individuals, foundations and corporations and with so much of the pro-life fight now caught up in the courts and out of the hands of activists and citizens, this continuing source of funding from individuals, foundations and corporations represents our best opportunity to activate grass-roots citizens using peaceful, non-violent methods of protesting that worked so successfully during the Civil Rights movement.  

Bank of America includes Planned Parenthood in their employee match program.  If an employee gives 5 dollars, Bank of American gives 5 dollars.   They are one of approximately 38 companies that give to Planned Parenthood and they have signalled that they are paying attention to the protests in Waco, Austin and New Mexico.   

The image of Planned Parenthood is suffering.   Let the politicians and the lobbyists work to cut off the government spigot and let's do our job of cutting off the donations from individuals, foundations and corporations, starting with Bank of America.  

** The first Bank of America protest in Dallas will take place on Wednesday, December 2nd from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Dallas, 901 S. Main St. All are welcome!  Facebook Event Page

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