Stand 4 Life

The #Stand4Life Training's are designed to raise up grass-roots pro-lifers to become more involved in the work of the Legislative Session.  

The Texas Pro-Life Action Team and the Texas Alliance for Life will be hosting a series of #Stand4Life Training's.

These trainings will do 4 essential things: 1) inform you of who represents you at the state level 2) break down and explain the political process in layman’s terms 3) review proposed legislation for the 2015 Session and 4) how and why to lobby.  We will have some fun and perform mock skits on how to lobby correctly (and incorrectly).  These trainings will also be fantastic opportunities to meet and network with other pro-life leaders from around the state.  

We will also provide opportunities for everyone to go to Austin on a regular basis during the regular session.  The Capitol Training's before the session will be supplemented by Lobby Days during the session itself.

One of the reasons why pro-lifers may be hesitant to come to the Capitol and speak to their elected officials about pro-life bills is that the political process may be too intimidating. There is a lot of information, the issues can be complex and taking the time and effort to learn about them can be difficult to find.  It’s easier to stay home and make phone calls and send e-mails, yet we know the most effective way to influence your elected officials is with in-person visits.  The Capitol Training's will address all of those concerns directly in an attempt to break down the wall of intimidation surrounding the political process.  

The Capitol Training's before the session will be supplemented by Lobby Days during the session itself.  The Lobby Days will be much more precise in that we will know on a day-to-day basis where the focus of our lobbying efforts needs to be done.  At our Lobby Days, we will briefly review the bills that the Legislature is debating and then send you out in teams to talk to your elected officials.  Depending on when people come, there may be opportunities to sit in on Committee meetings or meet with other legislative leaders.  

Watch this page for more information or if you are interested in helping this effort please go to our Volunteer page and see what options fit you. 

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.