It's Everywhere

stop.jpgYou see it on bumper stickers, signs and billboards.  It gets sent to you through postcards and letters.  It's all over Facebook and Twitter.  Websites are devoted to it.  Pro-life groups are named after it.  It's everywhere.  Everyone feels it.  Millions of people agree with this statement:  It's time to end abortion, forever. 

You'll see these slogans everywhere: "Stop Abortion Now", "End Abortion Now",  "Pray to End Abortion",  "Stop the Killing",  "Make Abortion Illegal", "Abolish Abortion", "My Generation Will End Abortion", "Courageously Abolishing Abortion" etc. etc.  Go to any of the hundreds of Marches for Life across the nation and you will be overwhelmed with signs like this.   You can't escape it.  

We have to make it plain: our goal is not to reduce abortion.  The goal is to end it.  

And if that is the goal of the pro-life movement, then it is time to ensure that any politician running for any office anywhere has the same goal.  

Impossible, you say?  Clearly not, as is evidenced by statements from two Governors who understand and are not afraid to take a stand.  Governor Rick Perry of Texas has been saying repeatedly that his goal is to make "abortion a thing of the past."   

And Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi recently said  that his goal is to "end abortion in Mississippi."   

If these two high-ranking political figures can make these statements then the man or woman running for State Senate or State Representative in your district can, too.  

Candidates  for office who ask for your money and support should reflect your values, especially when it comes to the preeminent issues.   It's not rocket science.  If they are not going to say it, then they are not going to do it.  

The elections are right around the corner, a great time to ask your elected officials if they will announce their support of the effort to end abortion.  

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