Pacifist soldier documents the Armenian Genocide

One of the goals of the Texas Pro-Life Action Team is to expose abortion for what it is and to let the victims speak.  Any social reform movement must involve these activities.  History shows us how to do this.  

The Armenian Genocide was photographed and documented by a German solider.  Armin T. Wegner spend several months photographing and documenting the atrocities that were taking place against the Armenian people.  For his work he was arrested, sent to prison, tortured and sent to several concentration camps before deserting at the first chance.  

 He was able to hold onto some of the photos he had taken and today he is seen as one of the few that spoke out against the crimes that were taking place.

He provides a model for how we should do the same today.  

Click here to view the photographs Armin took of the Armenian Genocide.  

Click here for a biography of Armin T. Wegner.  

Click here to read the proclamation making Armin T. Wegner "Righteous Among the Nations"by Yad Vashem

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